Bluetooth is the future

Now everyone says that Apple is about to abandon the audio port in the next iPhone. So, the Bluetooth-headphones will line up, and the market will have a lot of interesting models.

But we do not need to wait for them, because now there is enough choice for every taste. SENSE perfectly fit in the role of a wireless headset: they have a built-in microphone and a remote control playback (and talk, too). The buttons are not touch-sensitive, for that special thanks. Click clear, sharp. Songs change instantly, the delay of sound is minimal – like the best representatives of the market.

In addition to Bluetooth, the headphones are equipped with an NFC module, thanks to which the owners of Android-smartphones will be able to “pair” the headset one touch and pass the traditional device search process in the BT menu. Also, it does not hurt to add to the iPhone, but here Plantronics does not help us …

During the testing, the headphones dropped into the bag, and several thick walls separated me several times. No break;) Bluetooth Class 1 on the passport gives up to 100 meters of range.

bluetooth headphones

Total time of work of headphones in wireless mode – “has never charged for two weeks.” Okay, under the passport – 18 hours in a mode of constant work. The figure is not from the ceiling, I have now 10%. Excellent result. According to the manufacturer, the full charge takes 2.5 hours.

Also to SENSE it is possible to connect simultaneously two devices. As soon as the first one stops reproducing something, the headphones will switch to the second one. And back.


Wireless headphones as on usually do not require some adorable sound. Nevertheless, Backbeat SENSE was pleased in this respect.

If you describe briefly: airy, bright, with a biting, but not uterine bass. Excellent modern tracks are discovered in the style of trip-hop and EDM, I really like the supply of jazz and instrumental compositions. Bright vocals – also a plus, as well as a high volume reserve.

There are also drawbacks: the wireless signal can not cope with the powerful cuts of the fast power metal. But I do not think that ears with such a design will take a bearded metalulga 🙂 For the rest they play exactly as it is pleasant to expect.

The sound with the wire from the kit (which, by the way, also has a control unit and a microphone) I did not like at all. This was expected: when the wireless mode is started, the headphones are equipped with a DAC and a signal conditioner that levels both BT’s shortcomings and some weaknesses of the speakers themselves.

In short, these ears should be listened to without a wire 🙂

A good New Year gift

My wife still does not have wireless headphones, but she really likes the idea. This is the first model on the market, which I confidently gave her (I will give, shh).

It looks stylish, plays well, has a very useful chip and has been working for so long that I do not have to give it a portable battery;)