Dolls and Roses escort agency is an agency that is organized and has a perfect way of running everything. As a company, our escorts are categorized depending on numerous factors. Some of the categories that we have include high-class escorts, elite escorts, and VIP escorts. All these categories have similarities and differences. Their elite escorts differences come in the following ways.

What makes elite escorts?

The amount they charge: elite escorts charges are relatively lower than VIP services and relatively higher than high-class services. Depending on what an escort is charging, they will be placed in this category.

Their experience: all our escorts have different experience levels. Therefore, we will categorize our escorts as either elite escorts or otherwise depending on their experience. It should be relatively low to those in VIP category but relatively high to those in the high-class category.

What they bring to the table: what an escort offers can also determine whether they will be classified as elite escorts or otherwise. Every escort has something that contributes their categorization and this guides us in placing her in any of our categories. The more you offer, the higher your rank will be in the categories we have

The number of clients: this is also a contributing factor to Dolls and Roses escort Agency some extent. When you attract so many clients, your value will always go up and this will land you in a different category in our records. Therefore, some of our escorts are in the elite category because of their clientele.

These are some of the factors that influence our choice in categorizing our escorts. Because of these categories, our clients find it easy to locate their perfect escort. These factors enable a client to know what they are looking for and especially when it comes to the charges.