Sad quotes for depression

Sad quotes for depression

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Sadness is always a sign that you are focusing on something you cannot do.
Happiness is always a sign that you are focusing on something you can do.
Stop wanting to be the best at everything. Stop wanting to just do what you cannot do. Focus on what you can do.

This seems to be a great era of disbelief (21st century). Everything pulls you to not believe, to deviate. Choosing to suffer for secular success has made many depressives, perhaps as never before. Because by escaping from the true goal, we also sell our happiness.

I wonder what it would be like
if I could work and study
Without any of my Pathologies!

I cannot work for others
Or for myself
I feel shame and fear
Of what I am of what I will be
So many dreams, so many ideas
Lost inside a brain that will always sabotage them

Where did I get lost?
Where did I go wrong?
I remember that the plan was to live well
Mentally and Finely.

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I have several ideas,
I make several plans,
Modest part,
All are good,
But I end up Delivering.

Life is passing by
And I still have not learned to live
I’m already 25 years old
But with nothing to know!

I wanted to be Rich
Do not worry about Accounts
Not to be Successful
More yes,
So you do not need to get out of my Bed!

Who can diagnose me
I’ve been through a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists
Since I was 15 I take medications
Even then, I cannot even do the housework .

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False Friends,
False Stories
I do not know how I’m going to stay in life
If Life is a School.

Far from the current harmony, remains quiet, meaningless, but for what purpose does this key serve? To open my closet, and who knows what I’ll wear, might even be a soldier, but well-armed. And the point is to keep it in that box. So far I still am.

Love, because there may not be a tomorrow … But for those you stopped loving.

The disappointment and hope for me have become as natural as sun and moon … The deception will appear every day even if I do not want to, and hope is gone before I can see.

People have a bad habit of asking if “is everything okay?” Without really worrying about the answer!

It was all so sweet that I wanted to kill myself.

“It is in the home that we consolidate affections and overcome aversions.” Divine wisdom unites affections and dislikes by the bonds of consanguinity in order to work the divine transformation – hatred in love. Blessed are those who already understand this and seek the harmony of the home with values Dedication, renunciation and sacrifice. ”

I had a date with my inspiration
There she took her friend depression.
They used me, it was how they lost!!
They said crazy things about me.
I used my artifice to overcome despair.
It was so much inspiration that I came to the depression attacked by
fear. I did not resist and I threw myself. and the silence overwhelmed me.

Taking antidepressant drugs is not the solution for those who are depressed. What devours depression is going out to the movies, drinking ice cream, turning off the mind and listening to some songs that raise the mood. Not everything that works is the solution. Not everything the majority did is the best, Desalinate yourself!

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