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Many individuals suffered america immigration consequences due to their reliance on inaccurate records located on the net. whilst a lot statistics observed on the net can be accurate, we’ve emerge as aware of an abundance of visa myths arising out of wrong statistics that is perpetuated across the net on web sites starting from chat boards to authorities statistics pages.

alas, those visa myths frequently cause effects of varying levels, inclusive of the following: a.) An person might also forego making use of for a selected visa class that might otherwise allow him to establish a profitable commercial enterprise inside the america, because of a wrong accept as true with that he’s ineligible for the category; or b.) An person would possibly recollect that she is allowed to carry on business activities in the usa which might be, in fact, prohibited via law, main to refusals of access, visa denials, or worse.

The reality of the problem is that united states of america immigration regulation is rarely, if ever, trustworthy — and it’s far vital to differentiate among the fact and the myths. In this article, consequently, we address the ten (10) visa myths most usually added to our attention by means of our clients, inside the hopes of supporting the public to keep away from expensive missteps.

Myths associated with the E2 Treaty Investor class

fable 1: “I need to invest $250,000 USD inside the u.s. to be eligible for an E2 Treaty Investor Visa.”

The fact: no longer always. the united states department of kingdom (“DOS”), the us government company that handles E-2 visa packages does not set a minimum funding parent. rather, the DOS truly states that the funding must be considerable. The dollar discern required for a vast investment depends on the character of the commercial enterprise to be started or to be purchased. Your investment need to constitute a sizeable percentage of the total fee of the business to be purchased or it need to be enough to begin up a worthwhile new commercial enterprise.You can get uk visa application status easily.

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Our company has handled a success applications for applicants making an investment as little as $50,000 USD, when this turned into the full quantity that was required to start up the commercial enterprise to the factor of operation.

fantasy 2: “i’m able to observe for an E2 visa to allow me to travel to the united states to make my funding.”

The fact: This isn’t correct. earlier than you legally can follow for an E2 visa, the investment of your cash should be completed, and commercially at danger. sure regulations do permit visitors to visit america on the Visa Waiver program or a vacationer Visa for the purpose of making an investment, if in any other case eligible. but, this should be handled carefully to make certain that the sports you will do are all legal beneath the policies. for example, you may now not be eligible to actively manipulate your investment, or in any other case paintings for your business, till you have got received the E-2 visa. The officer at the port of access should be happy that you may most effective be engaged in legal activities or you’ll be refused access or administratively deported.