What is Keyword Competition Analysis and How to Use It For SEO?

The use of keywords is a very important component of search engine optimization. Using them can help you increase your website contents’ rankings and generate traffic into your website. However, keywords should not be used carelessly. One should still understand keyword competition before incorporating the use of keywords in their contents. For instance, it is wise to use the keyword competition analysis tool, a tool from one of the free SEO tools, in order to find out the best set of keywords you can use in your contents and articles for search engine optimization purposes.

Keyword Basics – Its Definition

If you still do not know what a keyword is, then now is the time to know. Otherwise, you cannot make proper use of keyword competition analysis for SEO. A keyword, in SEO terms, is simply a word or a set of words that is used to search on search engine websites. Generally, there are two kinds of keywords: long tail keywords and fat head keywords. Such terms came from a distribution of how often are they searched by people on the web.

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The long tail keywords are the risky kinds of keywords. But once lucky enough, you can be close to obtaining a customer because long tail keywords are the ones searched by people super close to buying a product. On the other hand, the fat head keywords are those that are not risky. They have high demand but are so common. Competition with fat head keywords is tough.

A Search Engine – Defined

A search engine is simple a platform where you can search for information – any kind of information that you seek. When you search for information on search engines, you input a word or a set of words relating to the information that you seek. These words that you use for the search are called keywords.

Keyword Competition – Defined

Keyword competition is specifically defined to be the level of competition there is when it comes to keywords. A keyword is highly competitive one when a lot of people are using it in their searches. Because of that, a lot of content marketers will use the same keyword. Because of that, competition is tight.

A good recommendation is to use highly competitive keywords and low competition keywords both at the same time to make sure that an article can rank well on search engines.

A Tip on Choosing Keywords

Keyword hunting can be tough. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you do this, instead of doing a manual keyword search which can be very time consuming and confusing. The SEO Tool Station provides free SEO tools that include keyword search tools like keyword competition analysis and related keywords finder.