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AVON-BY-THE-SEA — Chief of Police Christopher Garrity discussed the actions and precautions Avon police officers are taking around popular The Columns bar and beach during the commissioners’ meeting on Monday, June 14.

Police Chief Garrity explained that there will primarily be two Class 2 officers on Friday and Saturday nights, to assist with beach closures and column checks.

“The first two weekends leading up to Memorial Day were very busy, but we are grateful that there were no significant events, just ordinance violations that were addressed.”


“I will try to continue to keep a class 1 officer to roam the area and maintain ground control.”

“This will allow them to address some issues such as noise and speeding mainly from Uber drivers leaving the bar area.”

Police Chief Garrity said he’s grateful people are using Uber drivers because it’s a safe alternative, but it’s still important for them to obey the speed limit.

Police Chief Garrity also said, “The addition of additional cones [across the street by the apartment]this gives the cars a setback so they’re further away from the residents, so they don’t hear door slams and noise as much.


Police Chief Garrity wanted to mention that there is no information that Avon is a place of interest for a pop-up event to take place, but the police department wants to take precautions for the measures of security.

“Point Pleasant Beach has been very proactive in developing something,” Commissioner John Magrini said, looking at what other cities are doing to prevent these fleeting events from happening.

Police Chief Garrity advised commissioners and residents that, “To be clear there is no information that Avon is a place of interest to them.

“That being said, we wanted to take an anticipatory approach with some sort of resolution or ordinance, enacting a curfew or an unapproved event sanction, that if this unlikely event happened, we would have that in place and we allow certain measurements to be made.

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