Dug sidewalks pose a safety hazard in Chandigarh Sector 8

Residents of Sector 8 are furious with UT’s electricity service leaving roadsides dug up. They allege that the ministry failed to level and repair these patches after laying underground cables in the area.

With the monsoon already sweeping through the city, their fears have only grown worse. They say that the accumulation of water in the pits due to precipitation poses a huge security risk.

Sector 8 was chosen for a pilot project in which underground power lines were to be laid by the ministry. While the project was sanctioned in 2017, work was only resumed at the beginning of this year, giving rise to numerous trenches in recent months.

Area Resident Welfare Organization President RS Gill said: “Since November last year, sidewalks have been dug three times causing a lot of trouble for residents. After two telecommunications companies laid cables underground here, the electricity utility again dug the roadsides for a project.

Gill complained that the earthworks were being undertaken indiscriminately in front of people’s homes. “In some places the road has collapsed, inviting accidents. These pits are also dangerous for pedestrians, especially in the event of rain where they will not be visible. The sand extracted after digging these holes was washed away by recent rains, clogging the water channels. Now, more congestion awaits us, ”he regretted.

Captain (ret’d) GS Ghuman, who lives across from the Sector 8 market, said: “It’s been several months now and it looks like the job has been abandoned by officials, leaving the ruts behind. Dug sidewalks pose a risk to older people, many of whom tend to use them frequently. “

Local councilor and deputy mayor Maheshinder Singh Sidhu said, “The timing of the three projects has been such that the trenches have remained there for the past several months. However, we followed it up with the administration of UT. Once the underground cabling work of Sector 8-C is completed, the MC will undertake the restoration work of all the places that have been dug up. If a resident is having issues because of this, they can contact me and I will resolve the issue. “

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