Grindr Safety Guide Health: A Beginner’s Guide

Meet now?

Many apps have a video calling option so you can chat before you meet. If you are very nervous, give it a try. There has been some controversy surrounding this function: some believe it gave narrow-minded guys the opportunity to spot so-called “unwanted” qualities. But, if used with respect, it is a useful tool. Alternatively, if the urge to remove your stones is not too strong, meet in a neutral location first. If, after a first conversation, you are not in it, say so and leave. Its good. He might think you’re rude, but it’s better than having to suck it off, right? I am right.

The photos are recent

They might not be! Adjust your expectations accordingly. We all lied and posted a #nofilter photo despite each wearing a layer of Valencia and Juno, along with adjusted brightness and saturation – pride always wins you over in the end. So, looking at his photos, imagine him in less light, with a little more wood or less defined or leaner – oh, and a little older and, in most cases, shorter. Do you think you can still go there? So do. If his photos are fictionalized enough to be considered for the Booker Prize, no need to be mean, just say no thanks – but if he’s pretending to be someone else, report it to the moderation team. application.

High and horny

Most men will tell you if they like drugs or chemicals in their profile, but if they don’t and you want to avoid it, ask. Again, no judgment, but you have a right to know – nothing worse than showing up for a quick handjob and finding a guy so out of his way he can’t find the doorknob for you let in, not to mention your … well, you get the picture.

Safe only

Always take condoms and lubricant with you, even if he says he has them. Some guys think they’re so irresistible that if you can make it happen and the condoms have expired, it happens! – or, more frequently, you seem to have evaporated into the air, without you thinking “just as well” and having sex without.

If you have chosen to have unprotected sex, always Take protection with you in case you change your mind. Learn about HIV and status like “undetectable” and PrEP, not to mention other sexually transmitted infections. Again, no need to judge, you just take care of your own interests. Be realistic about what bareback sex can mean if you have sex with anybody – not to mention someone you just met.

What are you in

It’s okay in the world of sex to be straightforward about what you do and what you don’t want to do. It’s clinical and unromantic, but it sets limits, protects you, and means you’re less likely to have unpleasant surprises. Don’t want to kiss? You just want a blowjob and nothing more? Do you want to be gently relieved of your virginity while an automobile advertisement goes by in the background? Say it. They can say no if they want to. You can also change your mind at any time.

Say again

You don’t owe anyone an orgasm. If you come and he doesn’t, that’s for sure it’s unfortunate and, yes, it’s ‘polite’ to finish him off, but you don’t have to break your wrist for that. it happens.

No hanging up

Dating is a chance to explore your sexuality, and as long as the two of you are (or all, depending on what you do) consenting adults, you can let go. Don’t let inhibitions weigh you down. If you’ve never done it before, having sex with a guy doesn’t have to define you or mean your life is about to change. You’re with a stranger you’ll never see again – obviously be respectful and make sure he’s happy with what’s going on – but, seriously, go for it. Make this boy never to forget you.

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