Impaired driving: a continuing and growing danger to community safety (video)

Impaired driving is a continuing and growing threat to community safety in the city.


Police want the public to know that the danger created by impaired drivers crossing local roads is a widespread problem that can arise anytime and anywhere.

Traditionally, impaired driving has been more prevalent late at night and early in the morning. Bars, restaurants and pubs were generally places where impaired driving incidents were more likely.

Data collected by the Thunder Bay Police Department throughout 2020 shows that these trends have changed dramatically.

“We find that impaired driving occurs at all hours of the day,” said the SPTB’s assistant traffic sergeant. Marc Cattani. “This also happens in all areas outside the city, including residential areas. “

Almost 50% of impaired driving arrests made in 2020 were between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The Thunder Bay Police Department is sharing this thought-provoking data in the hopes that awareness will help law-abiding motorists understand the dangers they may face in their daily journeys.

“So please make sure your driving habits are defensive and maintain this awareness that everything (other motorists) out there, at any time of the day, could be weakened. Cattani added.

A special web page has been created by the SPTB, which will showcase the service’s continued efforts to tackle this issue. The web page,, will follow up on impaired driving charges laid by SPTB officers and be updated weekly.

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