Local cannabis dispensaries take security measures in the event of a pandemic

Clinic managers describe the impact of the pandemic on their businesses

Cannabis dispensaries continued to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting new security measures, such as the incentive to order online and the limitation of indoor capacity.

F Street Dispensary Creative Director Jared Barry explained that extra steps are being taken to help clients feel safe. F Street Dispensary has been approved to set up an express window for customers who decide to pick up their orders, and online orders are given a 20% discount.

“It really helps make the store safer for a lot of people,” Barry said. “A lot of people were worried about going into the store, especially around the onset of the pandemic.”

On April 20, an unofficial cannabis holiday, F Street Dispensary offered sales for three days. The dispensary had already taken precautions to ensure the safety of staff and clients, but staff were especially careful on April 20 as they were expecting large numbers of people.

“We took a lot of action knowing that we were going to see a lot of people,” Barry said. “We’ve taken extra steps to sanitize more frequently and keep everyone socially distanced as best we can. “

Barry pointed out that F Street Dispensary prides itself on being community-driven and aims to maintain a positive relationship with local businesses, in part by helping community members in need.

“We had a big food drive around December; we were able to donate to families in need, ”said Barry.

He also stressed that he understands how restaurants particularly struggled during the pandemic and shared one way the F Street Dispensary aimed to help.

“We had a promotion around the start of the pandemic where people could bring a receipt from one of the local restaurants downtown or from Davis, and they could bring those receipts and save 30% in our store.” Barry said.

Davis Cannabis Collective Director Irvin Soltero stressed the importance of respect for everyone when running a business during the pandemic.

“You have people who care about the pandemic, people who don’t care and people in the middle,” Soltero said. “You just have to learn; keep your head straight.

Customers can visit the store in person or place an order for curb delivery or pickup. The company has the necessary cleaning equipment and keeps the environment safe, according to Soltero.

“What matters is that we can take care of the people we need and continue to provide things to the people who need them,” Soltero said. “That’s kind of the goal of the company.”

Written by: Ellie Lee – city@theaggie.org

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