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OROVILLE – Oroville city council honored a member of its police department as well as its fire department at Tuesday’s council meeting. Members of the Oroville Fire Department as well as the Oroville Police Department were present to support their associates.

Mayor Chuck Reynolds swore an oath to newly promoted Sergeant Breck Wright in front of Wright’s family and friends, before Wright’s wife officially placed the pin on Wright next to the couple’s two sons and daughter.

Following Wright’s pinning ceremony, Oroville Fire Chief Chris Tenns announced the hiring and pinning ceremony for firefighter Brenden Perez. After Reynolds swore Perez to the department, Perez’s mother did the honors of pinning her son, meaning an official member of the Oroville Fire Department.

Several city councilors and employees commended Wright and Perez for their time in Oroville. Acting Oroville Police Chief Bill LaGrone said Wright was one of his first hires as Chief Constable and promised the officer’s family that he would do his best to make sure he would come back on entering what can be a dangerous area.

Councilor Art Hatley, a former police officer who said he was in Wright’s place, told the new sergeant: “Be the first to get in, the last to get out and the men will follow.”

Oroville community member Bobby O’Reilly also complimented and praised Wright, stating he was one of the city’s best leaders, citing his positive interactions with Wright and Perez.

Tenns said Perez was born and raised in Oroville and joined the exploration program at the age of 15 to learn more about the quarry and help around the fire station. Perez, who began Aug. 23, helped put out a fire at the Budget Inn on his second day on the job and Tenns said his constant smile lit up the fire hall.

After the presentation, a member of the First Congregational Church presented the Oroville Fire Department with gift cards and a plaque thanking the service for its service.

Regular business

As part of day-to-day business, council unanimously approved the submission of a request for a grant of $ 177,952 for the installation of fences around two municipal parks in Oroville. The fence, which was to be at least 6 feet high, would surround Sank Park at a cost of $ 100,000. Deputy director of community development Dawn Nevers said the remaining $ 77,952 would be used for a fence surrounding Rotary Park.

Nevers said the fence is necessary to prevent vandalism around the city’s historic sites and that the park will be open from dawn until dusk. Pittman said he would go for more decorative fencing and asked Nevers to possibly work with the city’s Arts Commission on a design.

In addition, as part of the regular business advisers, the business advisers voted blindly for the recipient of the 2021 Samuel J. Norris Award of Excellence. Advisors Riggs and Smith chose to abstain. of the vote because of their affiliation with different organizations.

The award recognizes the efforts and commitments of a local individual or group of individuals who have improved the quality of life in Oroville, demonstrated positive leadership and achieved significant accomplishments that have inspired others. community members.

This year’s nominations include Brian and Louisa Wong; Brian, Louisa and Sandy Wong; and Bobby Jones Sr. LaGrone said the announcement, which is usually made during the State of the City address, will be made during this year’s Salmon Festival on September 25. After the vote, Smith said a Reynolds announcement would be made in the morning. September 25 at the Oroville Convention Center.

Also in day-to-day business, council voted unanimously to approve a change order with Butte Construction for a stucco mantel on the east wall of the Oroville Convention Center at a cost of $ 60,928. Nevers said the wall was still healthy underneath, but when painters started pressure washing the wall in preparation for painting, chunks of the stucco began to peel off.

Nevers assured the scraping of the council’s paint would begin this week and told construction crews the Salmon Festival was a deadline for putting up a uniform wall. Smith said if the wall wasn’t ready for the salmon festival, he had a banner that could cover the wall for the festival.

Finally, as part of regular business, the business advisers voted unanimously to approve a $ 780,000 Residential Investment Partnership Program Income Loan for Sierra Heights Senior Apartments cost overruns with Willows. Partners LLC.

Consent timeline

City council voted unanimously to approve Tuesday’s consent schedule, choosing to discuss two of the 11 items listed separately.

Councilor David Pittman requested that an item regarding unforeseen income from local coronavirus tax recovery funds be removed from the consent timeline, asking if instructions were needed for which items should be funded. LaGrone said the agenda item was to allow the board to receive the money, but did not specify how the money would be spent. LaGrone said the money was part of a local fiscal stimulus fund. Following the discussion, the agenda item was adopted unanimously.

Councilor Krysi Riggs withdrew an item from the agenda regarding the adoption of a part-time Curator of Cultural Facilities position. Riggs requested that the job description for the Volunteer Curator position be amended to add: “experience can be completed for education”.

Following the addition of Riggs, the agenda item was adopted unanimously.

Public audience

A brief public hearing was held to consider approving a general plan change and zoning code change for a 39-acre lot located at 1245 Oro Dam Boulevard. The council voted unanimously to change the use of the land from a mixed-use corridor to heavy industrial use, which created a conditional overlay for the future development of the property.

Reports, discussions and correspondence

As part of the reporting portion of Tuesday’s meeting, Tenns added that a Type 2 and Type 3 fire truck from the Oroville Fire Department that had been loaned to Cal Fire for use on the Dixie Fire has returned to Oroville. Tenns said Oroville aerial cover is now the only loaned equipment used to fight the wildfire.

During the closed session, the council was scheduled to meet regarding the employment of its chief of police. Reynolds said instructions had been given but no action had been taken.

The Oroville municipal council will meet on September 21 at 1735 Montgomery Street in Oroville. The closed session starts at 4 p.m., the open session starts at 4:30 p.m.

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