Police ask Halloween visitors to take security measures

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Department (RCIPS) has stated that with Halloween activities looming over the weekend, RCIPS would like to issue the following safety tips and reminders for traditional Halloween activities and social gatherings for adults.

  • Motorists are urged to drive with extra caution and vigilance, to watch out for children walking on roads through the Cayman Islands. Road users should also expect traffic delays in areas known to host Halloween events.
  • Parents are reminded that when walking with their children, they must ensure that they are walking in front of traffic and that they maintain control of their children, not allowing them to venture onto the roadway and to put yourself in danger. It is also recommended that you wear reflective clothing or wear any lights in order to be seen by motorists.
  • Children are also advised not to knock on doors for treats after 9 p.m. unless it is clear that occupants are still awake and accepting visitors. Halloween enthusiasts should also only frequent residences and places that indicate they are participating in Halloween activities. Likewise, if a person is quarantined in a private residence, is vulnerable, or has health issues, they should not open their door to deceivers or find a safe way to do so.

RCIPS also reminds members of the public to be careful when parking and exiting vehicles for an extended period of time, especially in unfamiliar areas. In this regard, RCIPS asks members of the public to ensure that no valuables are left in the vehicle, and that vehicles are parked in a well-lit area or within sight of surveillance cameras.

RCIPS has indicated that under the law property damage and disorderly behavior are offenses in the Cayman Islands and anyone vandalizing or damaging property will be treated as they would be on any other night.

RCIPS also advises members of the public to:

  • exercise caution throughout the weekend avoiding driving while intoxicated
  • stay with your group of friends and look out for each other
  • don’t leave your drinks unattended, be aware of your surroundings and have a plan to get home safely.

CNIPS also reminds members of the public that public health regulations for COVID-19 still apply when attending Halloween events. Learn more about www.exploregov.ky/government-covid19-policies.

RCIPS wishes everyone a safe and fun Halloween.

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Susan W. Lloyd