Raptors cancel their training for health and safety reasons

The team did not announce players entering league protocols

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When training is called off like the Raptors’ scheduled Thursday morning reunion due to health and safety protocols, the natural thought is “No, not yet.”

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But unlike last season’s COVID-19 battle which cost six players and at least as many coaches, Thursday’s fear doesn’t involve staff on the pitch.

According to a Raptors staff member, the cancellation described as “made out of caution” was the result of a test by someone who works with the team but is not on the actual roster.

The rest of the organization’s staff, according to the same staff member, were being tested yesterday and an update on how things would turn out after that was to be provided once the results of those tests were known.

The Indiana Pacers made a very similar announcement earlier yesterday when they called off their own practice. (Head coach Rick Carlisle was later reported to have entered health and safety protocols).

The Raptors just suffered a bad 110-109 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, causing players and coaches to be shocked by the lack of professionalism.

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They will look to get back to victory on Friday when they host the New York Knicks and RJ Barrett of Mississauga. Departure is at 7:30 p.m.

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