Security measures in place to keep downtown Columbia safe after Saturday’s shooting


After a recent shooting in downtown Columbia early Saturday morning, leaders in the region are reassuring the public that additional security measures are coming to the region.

Nickie Davis, of the Downtown District, said the district paid the city $ 30,000 earlier this year to have new lights installed in the area that would automatically turn on to an almost “light” style. of the day “as the bars begin to close.

About 94 new lights will be installed in all parts of the city center, especially in darker or busier areas.

Davis said the last time she heard the city chose the project to bid on.

Sydney Olsen, spokesperson for the city, said: “The project went through the tendering process, however, the bids came back so much higher than what had been budgeted. The city determined that it would be more economical to use city staff for the project. We are currently in the process of sourcing materials.

“Otherwise we have more downtown cops using our substation and offices here on Tenth Street,” Davis said.

Jeff Pitts of the Columbia Police Department says CPD’s 12-hour shifts have the potential to make more officers available to answer calls downtown and other locations based on volume and the intensity of the calls.

Davis said it was not unlikely that a shooting would occur in the area at this time of year when the city starts to fill up again.

“Bars and restaurants usually go through their staff and bouncers. We like to introduce them to our cops and make sure they know them and have their numbers so they can be readily available,” Davis said. .

Pitts says, “It is extremely important that community members call 911 when they are aware of a dangerous situation. During investigations, it is crucial that the police and other community members continue to speak up to solve the crimes and deter further violence.

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Susan W. Lloyd