Shopko Optical unveils toy safety guide to prevent eye injuries

Caption: Through its guide, Shopko Optical hopes to provide consumers with the knowledge and resources to reduce the risk of toy-related injuries.

This holiday season Shopko Optical is sharing important information to make eye safety a priority when selecting gifts for children. Through its guide, Shopko Optical hopes to provide consumers with the knowledge and resources to reduce the risk of toy-related eye injuries.

“Toys cause thousands of eye injuries every year. According to All About Vision, in 2020, nearly 150,000 children under the age of 14 were seen in US emergency departments with toy-related injuries, ”said Russ Steinhorst, CEO of Shopko Optical. “We are committed to reducing the risk of toy-related eye injuries by educating consumers on what to keep in mind when selecting children’s toys. “

Promoting its ‘RAPID’ method guide, Shopko Optical provides tips for protecting children’s eyes when playing with toys and reducing sight-endangering accidents as follows:

  • A: Read labels and instructions to ensure age-appropriate safety and skill level.
  • A: Avoid toys with small, sharp, or projectile-shaped parts to reduce the risk of eye injury.
  • P: Provide protective glasses to protect the eyes from toys or games that shoot or fly.
  • I: Inspect toys for wear and tear to assess broken or dangerous loose parts.
  • D: Demonstrate use of the toy to ensure proper use and supervision during play.

“We fully support the American Optometric Association’s guidelines for avoiding the risk of toy-related eye injuries,” said Steinhorst. “Toys and games can be both fun and easy on the eyes. “

Common eye injuries from toys range from a minor scratch on the front surface of the eye (corneal abrasion) to very serious sight threatening injuries such as corneal ulcers, traumatic cataracts, bleeding inside the eye. eye or retinal detachment.

“We hope these guidelines will highlight the importance of taking proper care and care when selecting toys,” said Steinhorst. “These few simple steps can reduce the risk of eye injuries and help keep the holidays safe for children.”

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