Studio City neighbors say short-term rental is a safety hazard after recent shooting

Residents said a rental home in a Studio City neighborhood became a public safety issue after a shooting occurred outside the residence. It was shortly after what was described as an out of control party.

Home security footage captured a vehicle moving slowly down the residential street when a gun was fired from the vehicle

“The gun went off right outside our house, 5ft from where we sleep, literally 5ft from our bed,” said Marisol, who was in bed with her husband, baby and another young girl. .

She said the incident was horrible.

Other neighbors remember hearing up to 10 gunshots ring out Sunday morning. A resident who did not want to show her face to the camera for security reasons said she heard repeated reports of what could have been a gun.

She also said she found casings in her yard. There were still two shell casings in her yard when she spoke with CBSLA. There were also three places where she believes bullets hit her house.

“I’m really scared and can’t sleep either. I’m too nervous,” she said.

Police said the shooting happened outside a short-term rental home listed on popular home rental site VRBO.

The neighbors want the rental property closed because they said this wasn’t even the first incident with the rental.

Since September, they said they’ve faced countless rowdy parties.

“There may be people going out on the street, there may be cars parked on both sides, and we only have parking on one side,” a neighbor told CBSLA.

“One of the rules is no parties, no events. That’s all that’s been here,” said another. “It’s a party house. It’s kind of designed as a party house.”

Over the phone, the owner told CBSLA he tried to chase guests over the weekend when he learned there was a party, and added that it was difficult to verify identity. renters on VRBO.

The owner also said he was now adding more cameras to the house, a sound meter and wouldn’t be doing all the instant bookings, but neighbors said the party had gone on long enough.

“We didn’t think it was going to get to a point where… I mean, there was shouting in the street, shouting, a few things that went to me, like, ‘Okay,’ but it didn’t. didn’t get to that point,” Marisol told CBSLA.

LAPD said they plan to tag the home, essentially citing it for violating the city’s party ordinance on Thursday. VRBO did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but as of this report, the home was still listed on its website.

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Susan W. Lloyd