UK Power Networks incorporates additional safety precautions into half a million utility poles

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UK Power Networks has added a unique six-digit number and QR code to nearly half a million utility poles in the east of England as an added security measure.

The new labels will tell people how to report hazards or damaged overhead power lines and access the latest safety tips.

The company, which distributes electricity throughout the East, has now labeled 490,000 wood pole assets in the region.

This will allow people to report the unique pole number and its location and will also help them find electrical safety tips by scanning the QR code.

This includes specific information available to landowners, farmers, fishermen, construction, transport and logistics companies as well as emergency services.

This content will include written guides for staying and working safely around electricity as well as video material, while also providing the what3words location code for each pole to facilitate reporting of any emergency incidents and the number. 105 national power outage and emergency.

Ros Forbes, Security Advisor at UK Power Networks, said: “Giving the best security information and resources to the right people when they need it is essential to keeping people safe.

“Using the large number of poles we have is an innovative way to do this and a first for UK power grids and other distribution grid operators.

“We have worked with our asset management team to ensure that QR codes can direct people to the range of information we have to stay safe around high voltage electricity in a range of jobs. or activities.

“This technology is an industry first and means we have a direct point of contact for the public in what is actually half a million different locations. It is therefore really useful and gives us the opportunity to reach even more of our customers. “

To learn how to report a dangerous utility pole, click here.

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